On The Generalized Gaussian and Mean curvatures in En+11

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Some Properties of the Function Corresponding to Analysis of Time Series

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Analyses and Formulas for the Set of Composite Numbers and the Set of Prime Numbers

Ismael Tabuņar Fortunado

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Some Statistical Analysis for Continuous - Time Stationary Processes with Missed Data

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Cost Analysis of K-Out Of-N Repairable System Using a Continuous-Time Discrete-State Markov Process

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Statistical Analysis of Maximum (Minimum) Scores in 'C' Matched Samples

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Sensitivity and Specificity Dependent Measure of Association in Diagnostic Screening Tests

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Overview of Bayesian Network

Loc Nguyen

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Ties Adjusted Two Way Analysis Of Variance Tests with Unequal Observations Per Cell

Oyeka I.C.A

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Disseminating Significant Learning in Statistics Service Courses

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Statistical Analysis of Paired Sample Data by Ranks

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Construction of an Exact Solution of Time-Dependent Ginzburg-Landau Equations by Standard Integral for Front Propagation in Superconductors

Neelufar Panna1,Jamal Nazrul Islam*

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Analysis of the Influence of the Rate of Spies' Measure on the Quantum Transmission

B. Ouchao, E.H. El Kinani

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Internal Flow Separation due to Hydromagnetic Effects in a slowly Varying Exponentially Diverging Channel with Slip at the Permeable Boundaries

M. Saiful Islam Mallik, M. Abdul Hakim Khan

Volume 2011 (2011), 9 Pages