Science Journal of Business Management

March 2011, Volume 2012, ISSN:2276-6316

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Research Article


Reflections of Women Management Students on Perceptions about Women in Management

Archana Subhash and Jayaraman Athrayil

Sadanam Institute of Commerce and Management Studies
Pathirippala,Palakkad, Kerala India

doi: 10.7237/sjbm/294

Accepted 2 March 2012; Available Online April, 2012


An exploratory analysis of perceptions of women students of management (WSIM) of Kerala, India on myths and misconceptions about women in management(WIM) has been attempted with a semi-structured questionnaire. Kerala ranks high in HDI and GDI comparable to those of advanced countries. Perceptions parading as paradigms with significant citation indices are accepted as myths and anecdotal narrations are regarded as misconceptions. Ever since Ms Mary Parker Follett was denied a Ph. D by Harvard because of her gender, myths abound about WIM the most cited being the Glass Ceiling. A critical literature survey was conducted to collect significant myths and deconstructed misconceptions. A disorganized collection of misconceptions and myths was presented to management students in PGDM and MBA supply pipelines in rural and urban settings. The objective was to elicit studied responses, to differentiate uncritical responses and to sensitize them on real politik of business world to entry level women. The testable hypotheses were presented in verifiable and falsifiable modes with latitude for non-judgement. Responses from the subset of Student-Women in Management (SWIM) were compared and contrasted with published empirical studies. Some salient conclusions and suggestions for future studies are presented.

Keyword: Glass ceiling, Mom track Family responsibility discrimination Queen bee effect