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Papers published in any of SJ Publication Journals present the findings of significant original research not previously published. Articles submitted to the Journal should meet this criterion and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.Before you submit a manuscript for publication, please be sure to read and follow the author guide

Submission of a manuscript to an Science Journal Publication implies that its author(s) understand and accept the policies of the journal and have complied with the Instructions for Authors, unless outlined otherwise in the cover letter accompanying the original submission.

NB: If the supplementary file are more than one, put all into a folder and zip the folder.Then you can upload the zip file.

Recent Articles
Gender as determinant of nature of task: A study of professionals in India..... Deepika Tiwari and Ajeya Jha.

Tuning of Chemical Switching Properties of Nanostructured Conducting Polyaniline using Structure Directing Agents in India.... Deepshikha and T. Basu
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