Social Science Journals

Science Journal of Economics
ISSN: 2276-6286
Aims and Scope

Science Journal of Economics is an International peer-reviewed Open access journal serving as a platform for debate in all fields of applied economics,business and finance.Particular emphasis is given but not limited to the aspects of the interaction of firms....

Science Journal of Business Management
ISSN: 2276-6316
Aims and Scope

The primary purpose of the Science Journal of Business Managemen is to publish scholarly and empirical research that tests and extend business management theory.A manuscript submitted to SJBM must make experiental and theoretical contributions and highlight the.....

Science Journal of Psychology
ISSN: 2276-6278
Aims and Scope

Science Journal Of Psychology aims to provide fast access to top-quality peer reviewed papers.The Journal publishes reports of original research in experimental psychology,theoretical presentations,combined theoretical and experimental analyses...

Science Journal of Sociology and Anthropology
ISSN: 2276-6359
Aims and Scope

Science Journal of Sociology and Anthropology is an international journal dedicated to reporting on the latest advances in sociology,anthropology and related disciplines.SJSA publishes papers,Short Reports- 2 to 5 page papers that report....