Science Journal of Economics Volume 2012 (2012),February 2012

Author(s) 2012. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research Article


An Empirical Study on International Competitiveness of Litchi and Longan Industry in China

Author: 1Monzur Morshed and 2CHEN Shan-ni

1Department of Economics, Comilla University,Bangladesh.
2South China Agricultural University,Guangzhou510642, China

Accepted 26 February 2012; Available Online 13 March 2012


Based on the theories of comparative advantage and international competitiveness, this paper studies China's import and export trade of litchi and longan, and applies International Market Share Index (MS), Trade Specialization Coefficient (TSC), and Revealed Comparative Advantage Index(RCA) to carry out an in-depth analysis on the export competitiveness of China's litchi and longan. Research discovers that China's litchi and longan industry do not have international competitiveness. For the further development of the litchi and longan industry in China, The productions of litchi and longan should be put on a standardized, normalized and scientific administration track, the outputs and the exports of litchi and longan should be promoted, the mechanism of information flowing and reporting should be established, and the production should be organized according to market demand.

Keyword:Litchi and Longan Trade; International Competitiveness; International Market Share; Trade Specialization Coefficient; Revealed Comparative Advantage