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Work and Family in the XXI Century

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Overview the Automotive Clusters, the Clustering Processes and Cluster Policy of Cee’s Countries

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Inflation Targeting Policy: Pre-requisites and Opportunities for Tunisia

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The Demand for Credit, Credit Rationing and the Role of Microfinance- Evidence from Poor Rural Communities in Cross River State

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Consumerism: The Backbone of Ideological Poverty in Africa A Nigerian Engagement

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Poverty and Hunger Alleviation: A Kairos for Status and Processus Confessionis by the Church in Nigeria

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Urbanization and Impact of Rural-Urban Migration on Chinese Cities

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Applied Strategic Analysis as a New Instrument of Balanced Scorecard Comprehensive Research of the Organization Economic Activity

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JOBLESS GROWTH, THE 'ACTIVE POOR' PHENOMENON AND YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IN CROSS RIVER STATE, NIGERIA: Learning Points from 'Europe 2020' Flagship Initiative 'Agenda for New Skills and Jobs'

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Long Run Economic Growth Suffers as Wisconsin Public Schools Suffer Budget Cuts

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The Use of Econometrics Modeling in the Study and Measurement of the Demand for Money : The Algerian Case

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