Science Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture

June 2013, Volume 2013
ISSN: 2276-6332

Author(s) 2013. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research Article


Determination of Concrete Properties Using Hyperspectral Imaging Technology: A Review

Alaa Shaban

PhD Candidate in Civil Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL 32901, USA

Accepted 22 May, 2013; Available Online 10 June, 2013.



The strength and durability of concrete are the most essential parameters for determining structural performance of any concrete structure. Thus, there has been always a need to develop an appropriate test method to evaluate and identify concrete properties in various structural members. In recent years, several researchers have strived to exploit hyperspectral technology as a non destructive test method for assessing properties of concrete structures in-situ. In this test method, the reflectance radiations across the visible near-infrared and shortwave-infrared (VI-NIR and SWIR) in the region between (350 - 2500) nm were utilized as an approach to predict unknown concrete properties. The application of hyperspectral measurements are becoming more significant for the cost effective coverage of large concrete areas and can provide accurate predictions of concrete properties relatively quickly compared to traditional field sampling and subsequent experimental tests under laboratory conditions. This paper presents the fundamental elements of hyperspectral technology and discusses the possibility of utilizing hyperspectral imaging sensors for detecting characteristics of concrete structures in-situ.

Keyword: Hypespectral, Spectrometer, Concrete, Reflectance, Imaging Spectroscopy, Spectral Signature