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Improving Pit Storage Systems to Reduce Rots of Whiteyam (Dioscorea rotundata) In Ghana

Atta Kwesi Aidoo

Volume 2015, Article ID sjarm-288, 4 Pages, 2015, doi:10.7237/sjarm/288

Possible Impact of Mono-Cropping and Trash Burning for Inducing Flowering in Fields' Sugarcane: The Rhizosphere Concern

Govindasamy, V., Rane, J. and Minhas, P. S.

Volume 2015, Article ID sjarm-235, 5 Pages, 2015, doi:10.7237/sjarm/235

Strategies for Resuscitating the Production of Jute Sacks in Nigeria

Oloruntoba, K.D., Indagawa, R. A., Jolaoso, M.A. and Ibrahim, H.D.

Volume 2015, Article ID sjarm-265, 7 Pages, 2015, doi:10.7237/sjarm/265

Comparison of Nutritive Values of the Leaves and Stems of Long - Fruited Jute (Corchorus Olitorius) and Local Garden Egg (Solanum Macrocarpon)

Kadiri Daniel

Volume 2014, Article ID sjarm-129, 3 Pages, 2014,doi:10.7237/sjarm/129

Comparative Assessment of the Nutritive Value of Compost Rice Husks And N-p-k Branded Inorganic Fertilizers

Tyopine, Andrew Aondoaver

Volume 2014, Article ID sjarm-274, 4 Pages, 2014,doi:10.7237/sjarm/274

Study the Effect of Deltamethrin as an Insecticide, and Organic Fertilizer on the Chemical Content of the Lettuce Leaf and their Effects on Hepatic and Renal Functions in Male Rats

Nada Hamad Abdallah El-Khoshiban and Nadia Hanafy Mahmoud Al-Eryan

Volume 2014, Article ID sjarm-153, 13 Pages, 2014,doi:10.7237/sjarm/153

Evaluation of the Impact of Mesostena picca (Kraatz), a Predator of the Bruchid,Caryedon serratus (Olivier) on Stored Groundnut and Tamarind

Oaya, C. S. and Malgwi, A. M.

Volume 2014, Article ID sjarm-117, 4 Pages, 2014,doi: 10.7237/sjarm/117

Impact of Management Practices, Dam Age and Parity on Growth Rate of Camel Calves Under Farming System

Mustafa A. B.; Khadiga .A .A/Atti; A. M. Abunokhila and B. Faye

Volume 2014, Article ID sjarm-184, 6 Pages, 2014,doi: 10.7237/sjarm/184

Regression Models for Tree Volume Prediction in Stands of Tectona grandis (Linn) at Federal College of Forestry, Jericho, Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria

Nurudeen T.A,. Abiola J.K,. Salami K.D,. Erinle O.A and Olaniyi W.A

Volume 2014, Article ID sjarm-233,9 Pages, 2014, doi: 10.7237/sjarm/233

Heritability and Correlation Coefficients Analysis of Maize (Zea Mays L.) Agronomic Traits for Drought Tolerance in Savanna Zones of Borno State, Nigeria

D. Aminu, F. K. Mohammed and F. M. Gambo

Volume 2014, Article ID sjarm-176,4 Pages, 2014, doi: 10.7237/sjarm/176

Effects of Pig Dung and Poultry Manure with Plant Residue In the Production of Some Leafy Vegetables

M.O. Adigun and O.A. Babalola

Volume 2013, Article ID sjarm-210,6 Pages, 2013, doi: 10.7237/sjarm/210

Cultivated Plants in the Diversified Homegardens of Local Communities in Ganges Valley, Bangladesh

Syed Ajijur Rahman, Cristina Baldauf, Eefke Maria Mollee1, Muha. Abdullah-Al-Pavel, Md. Abdullah-Al-Mamun, Mahmudul Mannan Toy, Terry Sunderland

Volume 2013, Article ID sjarm-197,6 Pages, 2013. doi: 10.7237/sjarm/197

Effects of Preventive Medical Treatment on Plasma LH Concentrations in Guinea Fowl Female under Natural Photoperiod in Burkina Faso

O. C. Hien, B. Diarra, L. Sawadogo

Volume 2012, Article ID sjarm-166, 6 Pages, 2012. doi : 10.7237/sjarm/166

Rainfall Harvesting, a Sustainable Water Management Alternative for Food Security in Nigeria

Afolayan, S.O,Makinde, A.A,Shuaib, M,Idris, B.A,Yaduma, J.J,Yau' M.G

Volume 2012 (2012), Article ID sjarm-136, 9 Pages, doi: 10.7237/sjarm/136

Consumers Behaviours and Attitudes towards Safe Vegetables Production in Ghana: A Case Study of the Cities of Kumasi and Cape Coast

Acheampong, P. P.1, Braimah, H.2, Ankomah-Danso, A.3, Mochiah, M. B.4

Volume 2012, Article ID sjarm-109, 11 Pages, 2012. doi:10.7237/sjarm/109

Determinants of Income from Fish Marketing in Ibarapa Area of Oyo State, Nigeria

Adeosun Olubunmi, Adebukola Folake Bankole

Volume 2012, Article ID sjarm-135, 6 Pages, 2012. doi: 10.7237/sjarm/135

Analysis of Factors Influencing Job - Performance of Female Extension Agents in Owerri - West and North Areas of Imo State, Nigeria

Nnadi, F.N., Chikaire, J., Atoma, C.N., Egwuonwu, H.A., Echetama, J.A.

Volume 2012, Article ID sjarm-252, 8 Pages, 2012. doi: 10.7237/sjarm/252

Ict for Agriculture Knowledge Management in Nigeria: Lessons and Strategies for Improvement

Nnadi, F.N., Chikaire, J., Atoma, C.N., Egwuonwu, H.A.,Echetama, J.A.

Volume 2012, Article ID sjarm-192, 8 Pages, 2012. doi: 10.7237/sjarm/192

Comparative Effects of Inoculating Tomatoes (Lypersicon esculentum mill. ) with Two Strains of VAM Fungi and Nematicides Application on the Control of Root-knot Nematodes (Melidogyne incognita)

Hadad, M.A. & H.S.Al-Hashmi

Volume 2012, Article ID sjarm-167, 4 Pages, 2012. doi: 10.7237/sjarm/167

Natural Regeneration and Tree Species Composition of Mixed Deciduous Forest after Logging and Shifting Cultivation in Lao PDR

Chanhsamone Phongoudome, Don Koo Lee, Silavanh Sawathvong,Marilyn S. Combalicer

Volume 2012, Article ID sjarm-298, 10 Pages, 2012. doi: 10.7237/sjarm/298

Biomass and Carbon Content Allocation of Six-year-old Anisoptera costata Korth. and Dalbergia cochinchinensis Pierre. Plantations in Lao PDR

Chanhsamone Phongoudome, Don Koo Lee, Silavanh Sawathvong,Marilyn S. Combalicer, and Wai Mun Ho

Volume 2012, Article ID sjarm-259, 14 Pages, 2012. doi: 10.7237/sjarm/259

Market Analysis of Cattle in Southern Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria

Mukasa. C, Ojo. A.O, Adepoju S.O, Dabo. A

Volume 2012, Article ID sjarm-196, 6 Pages, 2012. doi: 10.7237/sjarm/196

A Cost-benefit Analysis of Substituting Bamboo for Tobacco: A Case Study of Smallholder Tobacco Farmers in South Nyanza, Kenya

Peter Omari Magati ,Jacob K. Kibwage, Seth Gor Omondi, George Ruigu, Winfred Omwansa

Volume 2012, Article ID sjarm-204, 9 Pages, 2012. doi: 10.7237/sjarm/204


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