Overview of Science Journal Publication's Open Access Model

The advent of online publication has greatly improved access to scientific content on a global scale. This has led to calls from the academic community for research to be made freely available online immediately upon publication, without the barrier of paid subscription to access.

There are substantial costs associated with publishing a high quality journal such as SJ Publication, for example in the administration of the editorial process, production of the published version, and development of online functionality. Under a subscription-based model, these costs are primarily covered by charging libraries and individuals for access to the journal's content. Under SJ Publication's Open Access model, we aim to cover the costs of publication primarily through a combination of author charges and institutional payments.

Publication Charges

All manuscripts submitted to SJ Publication are assumed to be submitted under the Open Access publishing model. In this publishing model, papers are peer-reviewed in the normal way under editorial control. When a paper is accepted for publication the author is issued with an invoice for payment of a publication processing fee $500USD (FIVE HUNDRED UNITED STATE DOLLARS). Payment of this charge allows SJ Publication to recover its editorial and production costs and create a pool of funds that can be used to provide fee waivers for authors from lesser developed countries.

Published papers appear electronically and are freely available from our website. Authors may also use their published .pdf's on their own or institution's website.Upon acceptance for publication a processing fee will be payable.

NB: Due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, fees may occasionally be subject to change without notice.

Fee Waiver:

We offer a Partial Fee waiver for authors in developing countries who do not have funds to cover publication fees. If you require a waiver, please email the Publisher (publisher@sjpub.org) with the following information below. we appreciate receiving this information ahead of publication and not once your article has been published.

  • Your name and institution with full address details
  • Reason for applying for a partial waiver
  • Title of your paper
  • Country of residence of any co-authors.

Payment Method:

1. Bank Transfer: Once an article is accepted for publication, an invoice containing Science Journal Publication Bank Account will be sent to the corresponding author's.

2. Wire Transfer: Kindly contact editorial office to know payment instructions for other methods like Western Union Money Transfer and MoneyGram.

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