Science Journal of Sociology & Anthropology

June 2013,Volume 2013, ISSN: 2276-6359

Author(s) 2013. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research Article


The Concept of Humanity in Islam

Dr. Hussain Muhammad1, Mr. Mohammad Hussain2, Mr. Muhammad Shoaib3,Mr. Minhaj Uddin4

1Chairman Islamic Studies and Research University of Science and Technology, Bannu.
2M. Phil Scholar Minhaj University Lahore, Pakistan
3M. Phil Scholar University of Science and Technology Bannu, Pakistan
4M. Phil Scholar University of Science and Technology Bannu, Pakistan

Accepted 9 May, 2013; Available Online 04 June, 2013.

doi: 10.7237/sjsa/290


A very minute study in which specific origin of Islamic religion has been explored, which is related not only to Muslim community matters, but also to the whole humanity. Although Islam is the last divine guidance and the Holy book Quran was revealed in Arabic language upon the Arab prophet Muhammad (s.w.a), however, its rules and Islamic laws conferred upon him were for all the mankind i.e. Muslims as well as non-Muslims community. In present study the main theme of Islamic humanity as compare to that of Megna Corta thought in the field of human rights is deliberated. Islamic humanity comprises various pillars which include peace, tranquility in society, good governance, recognition and mutual protection, obligations, endurance and tolerance in society. Moreover emphasis of education, knowledge and truthfulness in business transaction in daily affairs are the basic merits of Islam. These pillars of Islamic Sharia are the lime-lights of socio-economic development in a society. Thus the phenomenon of Islam regarding peace, values and practices, is investigated thoroughly with the help of available literature. In this research article, attempt has been made to define the characteristics of humanity in Islam from wider perspective. It is also investigated that a society will show positive effect if humanitarian virtues of Islam are implemented. Focus is made to project the ideal characteristics of humanity as spelled out under Islamic sharia, as well as its formation of ideal human society.

Keyword: Mortality , crime, lack of healthcare system, and poverty in Nigeria