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July 2014, Volume 2014, ISSN:2276-6359

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Theological Anthropology as Antidote to Gender Based Violence in Religiocultural Nigeria

Dr. Olo Ndukwe

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doi: 10.7237/sjsa/169

Accepted on 7 July 2014; Available Online 31 July,2014


We live in an age that is riddled with gender wars in which the female gender is the most vanquished in Nigeria. Most quests for true human hood seem to celebrate the modernist anthropology of power, autonomy and independence as necessary spirituality. Thus this paper adopts a Christian systematic (public) theological approach to present theological anthropology as an antidote. It seeks to present the Church as the primary locus for forming, informing and reforming necessary ethical praxis and dispositions for rebuilding a society where everybody is somebody. The paper reflects on human dignity celebration, vulnerability, relationship and dependence as crucial characteristics of such vision for theological anthropology for gender relations in the quest for the ideal society. It presents and concludes with the Church, as the primary locus for such vision of anthropology.

Keywords:Theological Anthropology, Gender Relations, Violence, Human Dignity, Vulnerability, Ethics/Ethical Virtue, Relationship, Structuralism

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How to Cite this Article: Dr. Olo Ndukwe, "Theological Anthropology as Antidote to Gender Based Violence in Religiocultural Nigeria" Volume 2014, Article ID sjsa-169, 8 Pages, 2014, doi:10.7237/sjsa/169