Science Journal of Sociology and Anthropology

May 2017, Volume 2017, ISSN:2276-6359

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Research Article


Defreezing the Frozen People of God (A Christian Public Theological Approach)

Dr. Olo Ndukwe

Hugh Goldie Lay/Theological Training Institution, Arochukwu, Abia State, Nigeria
Associate Research Fellow, Department of Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology,
Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University, Rep. of South Africa

doi: 10.7237/sjsa/253

Accepted on April 14, 2017; Available Online May 15, 2017


This article seeks to show that doing Christian theology in a knowledge society as Nigeria of today demands a radical approach/focus. It draws from a phenomenological public theological approach to argue that such radical approach/focus demands that Christian witness in this post-Cold War Nigeria must therefore recognize and respect the fact that the 'Clash of civilizations'; which arises frompeople's living consciousness of their cultural and religious identities isa primary source of conflict in the country. The articleidentifies public theology, which establishes a public church that seeks to raise and install royal priests, who seek a reforming church, a reforming society and a reforming economy in Nigeria as the implications of doing Christian theology in a knowledge society today. It therefore concludes with community development as the penultimate goal of the radical approach/focus.

Keywords: Knowledge Society, Clash of Civilizations, Royal Priests, Reforming Economy, Community Development, Public Church

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How to Cite this Article: Dr. Olo Ndukwe, "Doing Theology in a Knowledge Society Today (A Nigerian Christian Public Theological Reflection)", Volume 2017, Article ID sjsa-164, 9 Pages, 2017, doi:10.7237/sjsa/164