Science Journal of Psychology

November 2012, Volume 2012, ISSN:2276-6278

Author(s) 2012. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research Article


Enhancing Grammar Learning through Asking Structured Questions

Guey, Ching-chung

I-Shou University, Taiwan,Hwang, Shuw-Fen
National Kao-hsiung University of Applied Science, Taiwan

Accepted 17 October, 2012; Available Online 4 November, 2012

doi: 10.7237/sjpsych/268


Questioning, no doubt, helps promote learners' awareness of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains of instructional objectives in instruction, thus facilitating learning. This article seeks to propose question types based on learning objectives in terms of Bloom's taxonomy, and further elaborate the relationships between question types and students' different learning stages as exemplified via English clausal structures.

Keyword: learning objectives, grammar, learning strategies