Science Journal of Psychology

March 2013, Volume 2013, ISSN:2276-6278

Author(s) 2013. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research Article


Family Communication and Family System as the Predictors of Family Satisfaction in Adolescents

Guey, Ching-chung

1Aneesa Akhlaq1 (M.Phil), 2Najma Iqbal Malik2 (PhD),3 Noreen Aslam Khan3 (M.Phil)

1,2Department of Psychology, University of Sargodha, Sargodha Pakistan

3Department of Psychology, University of Sargodha, Sargodha

Accepted 31 January, 2013; Available Online 7 March, 2013

doi: 10.7237/sjpsych/258


The current study was conducted to explore the family communication and family system as the predictors of family satisfaction in adolescents. A Purposive sample comprised of 120 adolescents from nuclear (n = 60) and joint family (n = 60) were equally taken comprised of girls (n = 30) and boys (n = 30) having age range of 14 to 19 years. A demographic form was used to obtain the information about variables of interest e.g., age, sex, family system (Nuclear & joint) & education. Family Communication Scale (Olson et al., 2004) and Family Satisfaction Scale (Olson, 1995) were administered to measure family communication and satisfaction respectively. The reliability for FCS was α .60 and for FSC was α .71. Correlation, Multiple Regression Analysis and Independent Sample t-test was performed with SPSS (version 17). The results suggested that family communication is the most significant predictor of family satisfaction in adolescents (β = .37, p < .001). Moreover, family system found to be non significant predictor (β = -.12, p < .001).Furthermore, results of correlation also indicated that there is a significant positive relationship between family communication and family satisfaction (r = .37, p < .001 respectively). However, the non significant differences in the scores of adolescents for nuclear and joint family on FSS and FCS (β = .37, p < .001).These results are consistent with the prior findings of Western countries. The current research findings have implications for the researchers who are interested in the impact of family dynamics in adolescent development.

Keyword: Communication, Family Satisfaction, Family System