Science Journal of Physics

May 2012, Volume 2012, ISSN:2276-6367

Author(s) 2012. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research Article


Simulated Analysis of Soil Heat Flux Using Temperature Deviation Curve Model

Author: Uno E Uno, Moses E Emetere, Eneh C Daniel

Department of Physics, Federal University of Technology
Minna P.M.B 65, Minna.

Accepted 25 May 2012; Available Online 29 May 2012

doi: 10.7237/sjp/114


Soil heat flux have shown prospects for researchers not only in the agricultural and infrastructure standpoint but also in the health sector. The temperature curve model was applied to determine the soil heat flux from a given data of soil temperature. Beyond the purpose of the research, it was discovered that soil heat flux has some other unknown parameters to aid its measurement.

Keywords:soil heat temperature, soil heating frequencies, resonating phase, temperature deviation curve