Science Journal of Physics

October 2012, Volume 2012, ISSN:2276-6367

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Research Article


Synthesis , Characterization and Electrical Properties of Intercalated Mixed Metal Ions Cu2+-mn2+ and Cu2+zn2+ A-vanadyl Hydrogen Phosphate Hemihydrate Products

Author: El-Azzabi O. H1, Shakshooki S. K.1, Benomran M.1 & Suliman Y. A.3

Departments of 1Chemistry and 2Physics, Faculty of Science, Tripoli University,

3Industrial Research Centre, Tripoli, Libya.

Accepted 3 October 2012; Available Online 22 October 2012

doi: 10.7237/sjp/110


Cu0.25- Mn0.25 VOPO4 .4H2O (Cu-MnVPO) and Cu0.30 -Zn0.19 H0.01 VOPO4 1.8 H2O (Cu-ZnVPO) have been prepared from reactions of mixtures Cu2+-Mn2+ and Cu2+-Zn2+ metal ions with VOHPO4.0.5H2O. They were characterized by chemical, thermal analysis, X-ray powder diffraction and by FT-IR spectroscopy. Their conductivity determinations were made by ac-method at temperature ranges (25 -85°C) on compact discs using silver paste as electrodes. The variation of the ac conductivity as a function of frequency in the range 10Hz - 10KH was also studied . For the compound CuZnVPO, it is observed that ac conductivity increases with increasing temperature from room temperature up to 57°C , then another phase starts to form . In the range of 57-85°C , the ac conductivity reaches its maximum value, 9.4X10-4 mho m-1, and then remains constant. In case of CuMnVPO, the conductivity reaches its minimum value 5.5X10-4 mho m-1. The ac conductivity decreases with increasing temperature up to the transition point 72°C, where a new phase starts to forms and the conductivity remains constant. The activation energies for CuMnVPO and CuZnVPO, were calculated in the range 25°C to transition point and found to be 0.19, 0.12 (Ev)

Keyword: Electrical properties , intercalated Cu2+-Zn2+ and Cu2++Mn2+ , α-vanadyl hydrogen phosphate hemihydrate.