Science Journal of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

February 2013, Volume 2013, ISSN:2276-6340

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Research Article


A Contribution to the Health Area by Means of an Assessment of the Impact of Quality of Power and of Electrical Installations upon Electromedical Equipment

Author: 1Mário Cesar Giacco Ramos & 2Mário Cesar do Espírito Santo Ramos

1University of Mogi Das Cruzes,São Paulo - Brazil.
2University of São Paulo.São Paulo - Brazil.

Accepted 24 January, 2013; Available Online 13 February 2013

doi: 10.7237/sjeee/205


Through all segments of our society, the use of electronic equipment with computerized resources increases every day. In the health-medical area, designated electromedical equipment, they provide support to sectors in charge of diagnosis, treatment or surgical procedures, improving the quality of services and the manner patients are cared for.
However, the global success of this process must take into consideration the quality of electrical installations at these facilities, as well as the electrical power supplied to the equipment at these same facilities.
Through laboratory research, one attests the risk of medical diagnoses based on information provided by electro-medical equipment powered through electrical networks which do not meet the standards in effect, or which are completely disturbed by other equipment typical of electro-medical environments.
The methodology applied consisted of measurements of the parameters referring to the quality of electrical power in health care facilities. Special attention was given to the voltage harmonic content and t o momentary voltage variations, especially to sags caused by X-ray, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance equipment or by induction motors. Later, these disturbances were reproduced in power supplies that are specific for this objective, installed at the Laboratório do Centro Tecnológico de Qualidade de Energia da Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo- Energy Quality Technological Center of the Technical School of the University of Sao Paulo , known as Enerq-ct. Portable electromedical equipment, kindly supplied by national manufacturers, were subjected to these signals for assessment of their performance.

Keyword:Electronic equipment, health-medical area, electromedical, diagnosis, health care facilities, X-ray, tomography, magnetic resonance.