Science Journal of Economics Volume 2012 (2012), June 2012

Author(s) 2012. This work is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Research Article


Insurance Companies Problems and challenges of this potential market in Albania

Author: Arbi Agalliu

PhD Candidate Lector at Tirana European University Economic Faculty, Finance Department.

Accepted 11 June 2012; Available Online 20 June 2012

doi: 10.7237/sje/179


Parts of financial intermediaries are also insurance companies. In Albania, the numbers of insurance companies are increasing year by year. So did the number of services and products they offer. At the same time even the competitive environment has changed, becoming more aggressive. In this way the problems and challenges for the insurance companies has been increased. The problems for the insurance companies have been increased even more after the global financial crisis as the financial crisis effects are felt either in Albania. For this reason I have decided to treat in this paper the insurance companies, the problems and challenges facing this market. At the beginning of this paper I will present the current situation in the insurance companies market. I will show the progress of this market in years. Also I will show how the current economic indicators of this market are. Further I will make a presentation of the problems and challenges that are facing this potential market. It will also try to draw some conclusions and give some recommendations. In this paper are used more narrative and analytical methods. Tables and graphs accompanied by relevant comments will be able to give a clear picture of what I want to show.

Keyword:Insurance, Companies, Albanian, Financial, Market, crisis