Science Journal of Economics Volume 2013 (2013), July 2013

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Research Article


Consumerism: The Backbone of Ideological Poverty in Africa (A Nigerian Engagement)

Author: Dr. Olo Ndukwe

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Accepted 21 January 2013; Available Online 26 July 2013

DOI: 10.7237/sje/164


Living in poverty in a society of inordinate consumers is always worrisome. Therein, approach to life, issues and projects are usually built around consumer choices rather than work ethics, development, necessary skills or jobs. Such is a consumerist society. It breeds a mirage of unbridled consumerism and social consequences that are rooted in ideological poverty. Thus, this paper criticizes consumerism as the pivot on which the Nigerian growing and perplexing nexus of ideological poverty connects and revolves. Consumerism represents an anti-development theory which celebrates inordinate consumption of goods and services as a spirituality. The paper claims that Nigerians rebranded as royal priests, can embody responsible and creative consumption of goods and services as their theologically rooted task. It underscores that such rebranded Nigerians can live out a unique vision of the fullness of Christ as a theology of grace, whose challenge is a visionary pursuit of Public theology. It seeks a reforming society and a reforming economy.

Keyword:Poverty, Hunger, Human Dignity, Orthopraxis, Social Activism, Christian Pedagogy, Status Confessionis, Victims of Society, Theological Witness, Ideological, MDG.