Science Journal of Business Management

September 2016, Volume 2016, ISSN:2276-6316

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Research Article


Incremental Innovation Effects on Consumer Perception

B.Sc. Christian Pappenheim

30/16 Lad Phrao Road Soi 81, Khlongjaokhunsing,Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand.

Accepted on January 26, 2016; Available Online 8 February, 2016

doi: 10.7237/sjbm/272


Until today, research is focusing mostly on management and marketing of radical innovations. This seems surprising as companies nowadays mostly compete with incremental innovations (e.g. successive generations of mobile devices, notebooks, etc.) and a crucial portion of the company’s revenues and yields are due to product generation sales. To extend the knowledge of incremental innovations, the purpose of this research was to explore in detail about the consumer perception of incremental innovations. The main question to answer was, if consumers have positive or negative feelings regarding incremental innovations. The research also examined if the perception of the incremental innovations will affect the market success of a product or not. This research explored secondary, if consumers always expect radical innovations from manufacturers. The results of this research indicated, that it can be assumed, that consumers have a positive perception regarding incremental innovations. It could not been shown with scientific proof that if the perception of the incremental innovation tend to be perceived as radical innovative, the perception will influence the market success of a product, but with the used non scientific approach, it could be shown that it can be assumed. The other contribution of this study was to gain knowledge if consumer always expects from producers radical innovations. The results of this research indicates, that consumer not always expect radical innovations from manufacturer. Incremental innovations are also accepted from consumers regarding the product development. It can be assumed that incremental and radical innovations are ranking on the same level of positive perception from the consumer.

Keyword: incremental innovations, radical innovations, consumer perception